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Teacup Pigs: Small and Best Pets to keep at Home

Teacup pigs are small pets giving a great feeling to owner and I am full proof of this fact. I have a female teacup pet from last five years and I love her like anything. She is the charm of our family and gives joyfulness to everyone. I got her home when it was 3 months old and the breeder gave me all instructions about the pig and their care. You can get better idea about these pigs only after you start keeping them as pet. Read more about Reality of Teacup Pigs http://pcifap.org/reality-teacup-pigs/

Teacup pigs are the animals having great love for the owner and it is indeed my luck to have such a lovely pet at home. She understands my gestures and language. Whenever I tell her to do something, she picks it very well and coordinates well with the activities. You can interact with her and she responds in a lovable manner. She was spayed before we got her home. It is generally meant for avoiding PMS and foul smell from the body of the pet. I never observed that my pet was dirty in any way and she doesn’t spread mess anywhere. Teacup pigs don’t have fur on their body and the body is full of hair. Hence, there is no issue of any mess on the floor with fur.

She is extremely intelligent and takes care of my things and house in the best way. There is a littering place for my pet and she never does it in the house, which makes her cleaner than other pets. I take care of vaccination schedule of my pet and that is my prime responsibility towards her. I feed her with pet food twice a day and use fresh fruits or vegetables with lots of water. The pet is really lovable and we love to spend our time with this cute piggy.…