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Basic Rules of Modeling: How To Make It in the Fashion Industry

You’ve always wanted to be a model, but you aren’t sure how modeling works. You have some modeling experience and want to know more about modeling tips. Or maybe you are just starting out your modeling journey and need to know the basics before you get in over your head? Whatever your modeling level is, this blog post will share with you some basic rules of modeling so that you can make it in the fashion industry!

Modeling Industry

The modeling industry is all about who you know. If you want to get modeling work, start networking! You can network online or offline by meeting modeling professionals and talking them up at various events. When doing this it’s important that your social media game is on point so they will be able to find you easily later if need be.

Modeling Agencies

There are modeling agencies for both models and photographers to submit their work- the modeling agency will then decide who they want to represent or hire based on your portfolio, resume, social media presence, etc. You can also apply directly at a modeling agency if you know one that’s hiring (or ask around in the industry).

Keep an eye on modeling agencies and modeling shoots that are happening in your area so you can get an idea of what modeling is like before investing a lot of time or money. Modeling events happen all around the world, but it’s worth checking out these types of modeling opportunities first to see if this industry is for you.

Practice Smiling and Posing

Practice smiling in the mirror to see how modeling professionals pose and smile in modeling shoots.

When in a pose, relax your face by imagining putting on modeling make-up and modeling clothes. Pretend you are a model walking down the runway, telling yourself that it’s modeling time.

When modeling, you’ll need to do a lot of things that are uncomfortable or feel strange- but modeling is all about who you know! If your networking game is on point and you keep an eye out for modeling opportunities near where you live (both modeling agencies and events), then the sky’s the limit when it comes to how modeling can change your life!

Always keep your back straight when modeling. Don’t slouch or you’ll look like a mess! Try to feel as if there is an invisible modeling rope attached from your chest to the modeling spotlight.

Networking and Social Media

Social media is a modeling professional’s best friend. It is important to have an active social media presence for modeling since this will be how modeling agencies find you.

Keep your modeling posts professional and be aware of what type of modeling work is posted on social media, so that it will look good to modeling agencies. Keep up with the modeling industry by following modeling agencies and other modeling professionals on social media for inspiration or networking opportunities!

In conclusion, modeling is about who you know- modeling agencies, modeling events happening in your area, and modeling professionals on social media will all help to get you where you want to be in modeling.

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