From February 1 through May 13, more-than-human at Onsite Gallery, OCAD University presents media art at the intersection of art, science, Indigenous worldviews, and technology. The works on view speculatively and poetically use multimodal storytelling as a vehicle for interpreting, mattering, and embodying more-than-human ecologies.

The art in this exhibition aims to critically and emotionally engage with decentering the human and rethinking the perspective that sees nature as a lifeless resource for exploitation. Many of the artworks use technological and scientific tools as entry points for witnessing and interacting with these more-than-human worlds, as they help visualize phenomena beyond human sensory perception while nevertheless situating us within them.

Combined, the works in the show weave a story that tells a tale of symbiosis, intersections, and more-than-human relationality. They incorporate scientific, philosophical, and Indigenous perspectives to create an experiential tapestry that asks the viewer to reconsider, reorient, and rethink relationships with the more-than-human.

Curated by Jane Tingley and a core exhibition of the 2023 CONTACT Photography Festival, more-than-human features Canadian and international artists including Ursula Biemann, Lindsey french, Grace Grothaus, Dolleen Tisawii’ashii Manning & Mary Bunch, Suzanne Morrissette, Joel Ong, Jane Tingley, and Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits.

Check out the Digital Exhibition Publication for more-than-human.

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