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Things to Know Before Buying a Teacup Pig

Teacup pigs are the best indoor and outdoor animals and people love them for their lovely nature. The pet is ideal for their small size and lovable nature. Mini pigs are liked by many people throughout the world and their popularity is increasing due to positive reviews by the owners. These nano sized pigs are cute in appearance and are suitable for the people prone to pet allergies. These animals don’t have fur on their body and the body consists of hair, which make them hypoallergenic. The Website Pampered Piglets claims their pigs stay under 40 lbs which would make them some of the smallest in the world.

The loyalty level of these animals is comparable with dogs or cats. They understand and learn everything easily with your instructions. They can be harness trained or taught different tricks for making them learn different activities. You need to make sure that you are choosing the right micro pig for your house. These animals grow up to the age of three years and you should check the real age of their parents to anticipate their size and body shape. These animals can surprisingly reproduce after crossing the age of six-eight months. So, there is a probability that parent pig can grow bigger after reproducing also. The animals are termed as teacup pigs for the reason that newborns can fit into large tea mug.

Mini pigs come in different breeds and actual ones don’t cross 16 inches in height and 100 pounds in weight. It is approximately the size of a small sized dog. Different breeders have variable explanations for teacup pigs. Micro pigs are great with shorter features. You have to feed them with special pig food and it will enable them to remain healthy. Teacup pigs have short tummies, but their basic nature is like pigs. They can pick up food from any place and it will ultimately lead towards obesity. Mini pigs are called nano, teacup, micro or small pigs. You should always choose a reputed breeder to get the pig of your choice.…

Teacup Pigs: Small and Best Pets to keep at Home

Teacup pigs are small pets giving a great feeling to owner and I am full proof of this fact. I have a female teacup pet from last five years and I love her like anything. She is the charm of our family and gives joyfulness to everyone. I got her home when it was 3 months old and the breeder gave me all instructions about the pig and their care. You can get better idea about these pigs only after you start keeping them as pet. Read more about Reality of Teacup Pigs http://pcifap.org/reality-teacup-pigs/

Teacup pigs are the animals having great love for the owner and it is indeed my luck to have such a lovely pet at home. She understands my gestures and language. Whenever I tell her to do something, she picks it very well and coordinates well with the activities. You can interact with her and she responds in a lovable manner. She was spayed before we got her home. It is generally meant for avoiding PMS and foul smell from the body of the pet. I never observed that my pet was dirty in any way and she doesn’t spread mess anywhere. Teacup pigs don’t have fur on their body and the body is full of hair. Hence, there is no issue of any mess on the floor with fur.

She is extremely intelligent and takes care of my things and house in the best way. There is a littering place for my pet and she never does it in the house, which makes her cleaner than other pets. I take care of vaccination schedule of my pet and that is my prime responsibility towards her. I feed her with pet food twice a day and use fresh fruits or vegetables with lots of water. The pet is really lovable and we love to spend our time with this cute piggy.…

Reality of Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs do exist. There are many contradictions for this reality, but the actual thing is that these breeds exist, but many breeders mislead the innocent people by giving them small piggy babies in the beginning and they grow to hefty pigs. However, if you are choosing right breeder, there can be no chance for getting the wrong baby pig and you will get the small pig leading maximum towards 100 pounds weight during their adulthood. Click here to read more info about teacup pig features.

Your feeding habits for the pigs also matter a lot in determining the body weight of pig. The actual fully grown teacup pig should not weigh more than 125 pounds and 16 cm in height. These animals love outside environment and if you have the facility of leaving them outside in the house (in backyard or front porch), it would be the best thing. You need to do fullest research and buy the animal from a good source. There are many genuine breeders available for the same, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get into the hands of fake breeders. You can get the information about these pets online and it is always depicted that the smallest breeds will have higher prices. The range of these pigs varies from $800 to $2500, depending on the quality, color and breed of the pets.

These pigs are lovely creatures adding to joy in your house. You should buy pigs after 6 weeks of their age as it is a delicate time for them in the beginning, but it will be easy for you to handle them after this time. Spayed females and neutered males should be taken from the breeders as they will lessen the probability of any diseases or health issues in these animals. The pets are usually very clean and don’t spread mess all around. You can easily train your pet according to your routine and they will understand your commands in the best way.…